Our hygienist has compiled some of the best tips to make sure you have a great Halloween and don’t ruin your teeth in the process!


While all candy is delicious, it’s not all created equal in terms of how it affects your teeth. Taffy, gummies and other sticky candies will stick on and in between teeth and it will stay around for longer amounts of time. Try picking a chocolate candy instead or something that melts easily. Candy that melts easily won’t stick to the tiny crevices in between your teeth and gums.


Stick to fun sized!

You still get to enjoy your favorite candy but you aren’t exposing your teeth to all that sugar for an extended period of time.


Eat your treats AFTER eating a meal.

Doing this can help lower the risk of decay. When eating a meal, saliva flow is activated and will help rinse away food particles.


Eat it all at once.

It’s all about limiting the time your teeth are exposed to sugar. It’s a good idea to eat your Halloween treats in one sitting (no, this doesn’t mean a whole bag!) and then go ahead with flossing and brushing. Constant snacking on sugary snacks can do damage to enamel, so this is a much better practice.



Have your fill of your favorite Halloween candy on October 31st and then donate the rest. Programs like operation gratitude make it easy to donate the rest of your candy stash. Save your teeth and do something nice in the process!


We hope these tips help you have a happy and tooth friendly Halloween!